Satfinder SF 4000 BT - SAT meter with signal quality display and Bluetooth App

Full-fledged SAT finder with display of signal strength and signal quality.

This Satfinder can be operated using a 5V USB power bank (min. 2000 mA) and is thus usable independently of a stationary power source. The simplest alignment of the SAT antenna to one of the 8 pre-programmed satellites even without a smartphone, making it very suitable for beginners and as a camping Satfinder. In conjunction with the Android (from Android 4.4) or iOS app, the Satfinder transforms into an HD SAT measuring device (DVB-S and S2) with display of values in dBµV.

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Our delivery, in addition to the standard accessories, also includes our quick guide "What do I have to measure and what do the measured values say?"

Also available as a rental device

The device is completely sufficient for setting up a SAT mirror and for occasional checking / troubleshooting. 8 satellites are pre-programmed (ASTRA 19.2° in 1st place) and 4 transponders for each satellite, one for each level. This way, by simply "switching through" the transponders, a multi-switch or LNB (single, twin, or quad LNB) can be checked for a failure of a level, or a mirror can be set up by connecting the device directly to a connection of a quattro LNB.

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